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Site Maintenance

Here's a list of website related work that you - a business owner - actually need to do each month to keep your website in shape and updated.

Website content updates.

  • Product updates for ecommerce sites.
  • Formatting/ uploading your blog post.
  • Uploading the podcast of your radio broadcast.
  • Uploading videos of your involvement in community or business seminar.
  • Managing your media section.
  • Maintaining/ managing and setting up your newsletter.
  • Updating coupon offers.
  • Identifying pages on which you would like to add facebook like pages or other pages where you think social bookmarking tags and icons should be.
  • Login into the CMS of your website to edit the typo you found the other day!

We are sure you could add more to the list. In a normal month such work would require 3-5 hours. You would probably skip it because they are not on your priority list. So remove the guilt and signup for our web maintenance services right away.

Monthly subscription plans

This service includes general turnaround of three working days or less; typically within 24 hours. We will immediately contact you if we cannot meet the three-day turnaround period.

The 3 hour/month plan is the most popular program.

No. of Hrs. Rate TAT
03 Hours/Month: $225/month 3 Work Days
10 Hours/Month: $750/month 3 Work Days
25 Hours/Month: $1,875/month 3 Work Days
50 Hours/Month: $3,750/month 3 Work Days

Bulk work contact us.

**Contact us for Express Services TAT (24 hours)

**Subscription clients can request 24-hour turnaround for specific requests for an additional $10 per hour.

How it works

Once you have your additions or corrections ready to go, simply register & choose an hourly rate or subscribe to our monthly maintenance program.
Maintenance details...

  • $75/hr, minimum 2 hours.

  • Subscriptions are setup on recurring monthly payments.

  • Subscription hours expire at the end of each month.

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